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It is a list of "read-only" links to items we feel you may be interested in. This is a long shot, but I have 3 months of driving and I'm pretty sure that I missed something in my plan for this trip. Was able to find a good driver that can work for me from the U.S. to SF and back on the 13th. Thought I would throw this out here just to see if any one else has had this occur before or has been through the same thing. I will have to resort to a local shuttle service to find my way back to the airport at 3:00. my trip was great.. outbound on a Monday.. I got picked up at SF airport by a local driver who was picked up at the airport by TomTom.. had to use mapquest but when we got close to the hotel I looked and he didn't have the hotel.. then after we left the hotel to head to the airport to return to Germany he took us to the nearest hotels in taufkirchen.. but didn't know the address.. he really got us in good since he was confident that he would get us there.. so we ended up at the Hilton.. (we stopped at a restaurant on our way to the Hilton to get our food and drinks).. so I'm wondering if he didn't have the address of the hotel and when he knew that he wouldn't get to the hotel that way he was trying to get us there the fastest way he could.. and even though he didn't know the hotel address he went straight to the lobby of the Hilton.. and asked for the concierge and once he was assured that he was getting us to the Hilton he left.. he said that he did this several times during the day.. all of which I thought were really odd.. but I can say that it was really nice to have the driver come from SF and pick me up instead of having to fly into Germany and take a shuttle or bus that takes about an hour to get there.. I have been doing research on this trip for a few weeks now and I really haven't found anything that was really useful and I was wondering if there was anyone that had the same experience with the driver.. and could you tell me what you did when you were dropped off at the hotel.. how did you get to the airport.. What I think happened is that when he was dropping me off at the hotel in Taufkirchen he got lost and ended




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Tomtomeasytools [Latest-2022]

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